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  Sewing manufacturing technology ensures the gradient line from the V-shaped structure of the bag   Isometric cloth design can effectively avoid the adjacent filter to be glued together   Quality galvanized steel frame to ensure the installation firm, easy to replace  
  Prevention arc flanging small frame structure was scratched media   Avoid leakage along the suture needle fiber coating  

  For the most current civilian public buildings and industrial plants , ventilation and air conditioning system maintenance personnel often find the following questions:
Fans, piping and other components serious set of gray and discomfort smell.
The system is running a few years later , the wind and cold / heat treatment of low volume , it is difficult to achieve the original design requirements.
Around the outlet of the air-conditioned comfort often " dust ."
Indoor air pollution officers complain , physical discomfort.
Cleanroom system efficiency filter resistance growing too fast , even 1-2 years would need to be replaced.

Currently on the air conditioner often with metal / nylon mesh and synthetic woven fabrics, even if not cleaned , the resistance will not continue to rise.
Not difficult to find the culprit of these problems is dust, washable and trusted for years , " filters " to block its effect is minimal. In addition to ventilation and air conditioning systems to stop for cleaning , or replacement of expensive system components , and the other is the creation of more effective measures sufficiently high efficiency air filter . Developed many years research and experience shows that the glass fiber bag filter is the most cost- effective option. Thus , over half a century , fiberglass bag filter ventilation and air conditioning systems have been the most commonly used filter varieties. Nanjing Yi Xiou of Eco-Bag using the most advanced production equipment produced. Eco-Bag 's unique quality superfine melt-blown glass filter, its fiber fineness ( diameter 0.5-5um), quantity and structure of fluffy, compared with other similar products, high efficiency, low resistance and long life. Media outlet side of the chemical protective lining effectively avoid the vulnerability and fiber media leaks.

Sewing line from the gradient of each bag to ensure uniform "V" -shaped channel structure. This structure allows the air to enter the bag through the filter layer to ensure full use of all the media are to improve the filtering efficiency and reduce resistance of the tone , extended service life. In order for a variety of applications , Eco-Bag efficiency into four grades : colorimetric efficiency 40-45 % ,60- 65% ,80- 85% ,90 -95 %. Representing European efficiency specifications F5, F6, F7, F8 / 9 (EN779). Strictly in accordance with EN779 and EUROVENT4 / 9 Standard , Eco-Bag filters have been tested international authority National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center building air conditioning trials. Needs of its customers , Yi Xiou company can provide this test data. Eco-Bag is an international standard fire rating UL-2 grade, to meet the needs of the vast majority of occasions.

  Typically, the air dust 99.9% less than the number of 1 μm. Only F7 filter above this effect is remarkable.
Using F7 more efficient air conditioning system running for years without cleaning.
More efficient using F7 filter, ventilation and air conditioning system components in order to ensure the normal operation for many years.
More efficient using F7 filter, clean room systems efficiency filter end of life in general should be more than 5 years.
More efficient using F7 filter, in order to create a comfortable indoor air environment health.