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Ecofilair(No partition filter)

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  Recommended to install the air conditioner at least two air filters, air conditioning filters protect the first stage of the device itself, to ensure that dust does not enter the second stage downstream management system.


  No partition filters are commonly used in recent years in the field of ventilation and air conditioning products . Its distinguishing feature is a compact, thickness not exceeding 292mm, space is tight and is not suitable for the installation of bag filter where it is the best option . Pleat air filter varieties Ecofilair use. Its frame material galvanized sheet and aluminum , respectively , compared with the bag filter , high strength, impact resistance to flow better performance, especially for frequent changes in wind speed and pressure of the air volume ventilation and air conditioning systems. Using high-quality water- resistant glass fiber filter , even when the downstream pressure up 2000pa water can not seep through , for high humidity applications. Bag filters and other fiber filter pleat filters do not have this capability .
Because , Ecofilair soluble filter dust in the air ( such as various inorganic salts ) have better filtering effect , particularly for the electronics industry ventilation and air conditioning system of the plant . Furthermore, water- resistant filter more effectively block the biological activity of bacteria and viruses particles. Ecofilair origami techniques to ensure that no partition pleated filter paper before keeping secret "V" -shaped channel , compared with bag filters and separators filters have greater effective filtration area , lower resistance and longer life . Ecofilair dense fiber filter used , the larger the surface of dust and fibers are easily clogged . Accordingly , the front pre-filter is often used to protect the bag .