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Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. 

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  Clover Filter mainly for the domestic semiconductor industry , LCD liquid crystal industry , optoelectronics industry, electronic industry , precision instruments , chemical industry , bio- pharmaceutical industry , food industry, research institutes and universities , and other related industries to provide clean room equipment .

From Class1-100, 000 Jie actual performance of rich , industry spanning IC electronic , TFT optoelectronics, biotechnology, food, optics, medicine , schools, research institutes and other industries . Operation of the project are: junior high efficiency filters , FFU, transfer window, air shower, HEPA, filters and other wound clean room equipment , biomedical equipment, laboratory equipment , decontamination construction and installation , clean room maintenance and so on.

Clover Filter
established in Nanjing , sales network throughout the country and Southeast Asia, has extensive experience in sales rely on in the industry sales and technical staff , the company has achieved some real results , we adhere to uphold the " clean air in areas where quality is the first life of the product, the service is the first work of the spirit of enterprise "is to provide customers with high-quality goods and better services. Customer standards to identify and measure our products and services, to continue to maintain a competitive advantage through excellent staff and processes , creating for all stakeholders is the value of our vision.